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문성남 / Moon Seong-Nam

There was absolutely nothing I could find about this artist,

but there are some tracks to be found here:

유성기로 듣던 가요사 두번째(1945~1960) [Disc 9]

CD9-17 남강(南江)은 말없네 / Namgang is silent

This track is acoustic guitar picking led early trot style, with weird-fitting string/ combo arrangements and singing. The track has a lot of surface noise so its small overloading of arranged parts work confusing.

도미도 베스트 컬렉션 100 VOL.1

CD2-6 황혼의 바다 - 문성남 / (Munseongnam) (1954)

작사 허민 / 작곡 한복남

The same kind of guitar rhythm led picking style leads this song and spoken word.

도미도 베스트컬렉션100 Vol. 2 유성기앨범

CD1-8 팔일오수첩 / Days Notebook

CD2-5 십리포구 / Silipo-gu (1955)

The first is an up tempo track with jazzy and accordion-composed (tango?) influence in the arrangements. From todays perspective it sounds like a song of "the old world" speaking to us. An interesting track. The last track is once more driven, and this time completely too, by acoustic trot pickings like once taught according to its Japanese model or first example. Meaning this is an "old" styled trot song.

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