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김선영 / Kim Seon-Young

유성기로 듣던 불멸의 명가수: 얼굴없는 명가수 /

Immortal Master Singers: A Faceless Master Singer (SYNCD-144) CD box

CD1-15 바람 / Wind (REGAL 220)

CD1-16 달도 밝지요 / The moon is also bright (REGAL 221)

"Wind" is a Japanese-styled trot sung by a not so exceptional female voice with a rhythmic accompaniment which has some melodic Hawaiian guitar accents, and a few wind instruments and strings arranged parts. Also the second track, "The Moon is also Bright" is of this nature with a few other instruments like the clarinet adding some accents. It is also not so exceptional for its genre. I like however its small element of a few harp-like Japanese-sounding and other arpeggios in the arrangements.

Another time I heard this song I described it a bit better like "This is a sad looking back song with an eastern flavor, with its trembling and harp-like picking strings, clarinet, flute and and piano, possibly new folk song still within the trot range."

가요(歌謠) 박물관 [Disc 1] CD box

CD1-16 하와이안 훌라아가씨 / Hawaiian hula girl (1959)

More original in sound is of course the track with a Hawaiian theme (and guitar).

도미도 베스트컬렉션100 Vol. 2 유성기앨범 CD box

CD1-5 꽃 파는 처녀 / Flower Girl (1961?)

On this last and best track we slowly come into the mambo/foxtrot/boogie etc area. The singing improved here a lot. The band slowly swings, provides lots of jazz and other style accents and we also have a small part with Hawaiian guitar. It is a song with a rhythmic-melodic attraction to swing your head along with it.


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