동서남북 / dongseonambug / East, west, north and south

October 13, 2019


An interesting prog band which had a CD reissue of the 1988 LP 동서남북 1집 - 아주 오랜 기억과의 조우 on Si-Wan in 1998 (now sold out) and a Korean LP reissue of the 1981 LP 동서남북 N.E.W.S. - 나비 The Butterfly in 2016. They are still on my want-list.


박호준 Park Ho Jun - Guitar & Vocal 이태열 Lee Tae Yeol - Bass & Vocal, Acoustic Guitar (In "밤비") 김득권 Kim Deuk Kwon - Drum & Percussion 이동훈 Lee Dong Hun - Organ 김광민 Kim Kwang Min - Electric Piano, String, Synthesizer & Acoustic Piano 김준응 Kim Jun Eung - Lead Vocals


Maniadb: 영원한 청년음악을 추구하는 동서남북의 음반. 외국인들도 듣고 싶어하는 이 뮤지션들은 양병집이라는 한국의 거물 뮤지션이 기획하고 '아주오랜 기억과의 조우'라는 타이틀로 음반을 출시 하게 되었다


Translated: "These musicians, also appreciated by foreigners who want to listen to it, has been released by a Korean musician called Yang Byung-Ho who released the album titled 'Meeting through old Memory.'"


There's one 1981 track to be found on the following CD compilation:



신중현부터 싸이까지 국내 최초 '대중가요 LP 가이드북' 출간


13. 나비 / Butterfly 7.23


This great track holds an art balance between soft hard rock and prog. This kind of music was rarely found and made in Korea. For its genre this was a successful performance. Recommended to prog lovers to check out.


(See also another prog band 시나브로 Sinabro or the Neo-prog band 한의수 or Han Ui-Su, also reviewed on my pages)







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