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V.A.: 유성기로 듣던 북(北)으로 간 가수들 / Singers that went to North Korea

V.A.: 유성기로 듣던 북(北)으로 간 가수들 / Singers that went to North Korea

All tracks on this compilation and all artists were reviewed on their separate pages. If I understood well enough, all of these artists had some connection of a sort with North Korea where they were banned or to which they fled after that they were considered either a bit too pro-Japanese in the eyes of the liberated people who were going to rebuild its nation or were also mostly especially too communist-minded to make it easy for everybody how to make a distinction. A few of them never made it after the turmoil that happened or truly followed a separate way as being governed by their new lives in the North. See the separate pages for more details.

Listed on this compilation is 채규엽 / Chae Gyu-Yeop who I have reviewed before reveals here three more tracks to discover. Favourite tracks of this compilation were those from 김해송 / Kim Hae-Song of which were listed 4 tracks.There are just two tracks by 김선초 / Kim, Seon-Cho who was listed nowhere else yet. The same for 이규남/ Lee Kyu-nam and 선우일선 / Seon-U-Ilseon who I have not found enough to even make a separate page, and lastly, 왕수복 / Wang Su-Bog. 5 more songs before these few unknowns are by 강흥식 / Heung-Sik Kang. Links with info and video links provided as good as possible.

- Look at these separate pages for more details.

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