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박인수 / Park In-soo / Park Insoo

Tracks can be found here:

가요(歌謠) 박물관 [Disc 8]

* 의심 받는 사랑 / Suspected love (1971)

<=Elvis Presley: "Suspicion"-

A great cover with expressive singing. The accompaniment is strummed guitar and drums, and lots of saxophone, background strings and backing singers.

Beautiful Rivers And Mountains:

The Psychedelic Rock Sound Of South Korea's Shin Joong Hyun 1958-1974

* 7 Spring Rain (with Questions)

On this track the singers voice is equally expressive. The band is the same one as the track I have already reviewed. A winner track of the short-lived psychedelic era. Both tracks were taken from the 1971 Questions album with blue front cover.

see the page about the Questions->

Hanyang Records Park In Soo 1991

An according to me rather forgettable album which is nothing like what I heard from him before. The style has been influenced by a more commercialized area milking out something from the period like milking an old cow.

01. 뭐라고 한마디 해야할텐데 02. 겨울 소나타 03. 기다리겠소 04. 봄비 05. 가고픈 나라 06. 여보소 날보소 07. 미련 08. A Change Is Gonna Come 09. 뭐라고 한마디 해야할텐데 (경음악)

See also Shin Jung Hyun & The Questions

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