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석금성 / Suk, Kem-Sung

Tracks can be found here:

유성기로 듣던 불멸의 명가수: 얼굴 없는 명가수 (2)

Immortal master singer during the meteor group: singer without face (vol.2)

17 넷생각 / Thinking (COLUMBIA 40585)

This is I think a new folk song with a steady rhythm and somewhat jazzy but also rondo-like repetitive chamber arrangements. Suk Kem Sung's voice is personalized and fit perfectly well to the genre.

I heard three more tracks in the same folk/jazz/chamber style of arrangements, rather primitive rhythmical songs. The sound is more folkloristic than anything else. Bowler I think was the most succesful performance.

달마중 가자 / Let's go during the month (1934.12)

사발가 / Bowler (1934)

아리랑 강남,(신민요) / Arirang Gangnam (Shin Minyo) (1935)



The few tracks here reveil that Suk Kem Sung belonged to the new folk genre. The songs are a bit primitive, have a certain charm but not particularly stand out well and hardly bridge the times or worlds.


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