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V.A.: 원음으로 듣는 7080 통기타 베스트 / 7080 Acoustic Guitar

V.A.: 원음으로 듣는 7080 통기타 베스트 36곡 오 /

7080 Acoustic Guitar 36 Best Songs

Disc 1

01 하얀 나비 - 김정호 / White Butterfly - Kim Jung Ho

02 모란 동백 - 조영남 / Peony Camellia - Youngnam Cho

03 사랑했어요 - 김현식 / I Loved You - Kim Hyun Sik

04 이름모를 소녀 - 김정호 / Unknown Girl - Kim Jung Ho

05 가슴앓이 - 한마음 / Heartburn- Hanmaeum (One Heart)

06 편지 - 임창제 / Letter - Im Chang Jae

* 07 찻잔 - 노고지리 / Teacups - Nogojiri (Nogo Geography)

08 그 날 - 김연숙 / That Day - Kim Yeon Sook

09 그대 그리고 나 - 소리새 / You And Me - Sorisae (Sounds)

10 향수 - 이동원 / perfume - Lee Dong Won

11 행복한 사람 - 조동진 / Happy People - Jo Dong Jin

12 회상 - 김현식 / Reminisce - Kim Hyun Sik

13 꿈을 꾼 후에 - 여진 / After Dreaming - Yeo, Jin (Aftershock)

14 사의 찬미 - 김정호 / Praise of Love - Kim Jung Ho

15 바보처럼 살았군요 - 김도향 / You Lived Like A Fool - Kim Do Hyang

16 잃어버린 우산 - 우순실 / Lost Umbrella - Woo Sunsil

17 밤배 - 둘다섯 / Chestnuts - Dooldaseot (Two)

18 이젠 사랑할 수 있어요 - 해바라기 / I Can Love You Now-Sunflower

Tracks with * I consider essential listens or classics, or tracks to check out for sure. It are tracks that makes them also very suitable for western radioshow airplay. Tracks that are only underlined can be considered fine tracks you might better check out as well, but I am not sure how essential they are.

If I understand it well, this is a tribute to Kim Yung Ho, composer of Onions and member of April & May, made and recorded in 1986 after his death. It is from a period where the sound is already severely compromised where it seems there was little criticism in the reality and realization or living of it. Never the less, there were moments that overcame this general somewhat lame approach. The classic "Heartburn" track by One Heart is of course nice to hear included. "Teacups" by Nogojori is the most exceptional track. It is a mixture of acoustic and electric guitar with some bass accents. It develops slowly and country-blues like with its guitars. The song itself is melancholic and with slightly breathy voice. With Drum and bass added makes it a song worthy of a progressive band association of a performance, with great emotionality and evolution. I would like to mention the track "Reminiscence" by Kim Hyun Sik as well, sung with breathy sad voice, a very sad tone and arranged with minor chords. It becomes slightly crooner-like but it is convincing enough to me to be checked out. The other tracks are not very special. This CD is entirely representable for the general tendency of sound of the new 80s folk songwriting approach of these days.

Disc 2

* 01 가버린 친구에세 바침 - 이명훈 / Dedicated to a friend who has gone away - Lee Myung-hoon

* 02 그대로 그렇게 - 이명훈 / Just like it is - Lee Myung Hoon

* 03 나 어떻게 - 샌드페블즈 / How I see it - Sand Pebbles

04 가을 편지 - 이동원 / Autumn Letter - Lee Dong Won

05 내게도 사랑이 - 함중아 / Loving Me- Ham Joong A (>Yankees)

06 줄리아 - 이용복 / Julia - Lee Yong bok

07 장미 - 4월과 5월 / Roses - April and May

08 솔개 - 이태원 / Kite - Lee Taewon

09 화 - 4월과 5월 / Tu - April and May

10 밤에 떠난 여인 - 하남석 / Woman Leaving at Night - Ha Nam Seok

11 목로주점 - 김연숙 / Mokro Pub - Kim Yeon Sook

12 긴머리 소녀 - 둘다섯 / Long haired girls - Dooldaseot (Two to Five)

13 친구야 친구 - 박상규 / Friends Sangkyu Park (>Four Dynamics)

14 고귀한 선물 - 장은아 / Noble Gift - Jang Eun Ah

15 여고시절 - 방주연 / High School Girl - Bang Ju Yeon

16 찬비 - 윤정아 / Chanbi - Yoon Jung Ah

17 이 거리를 생각하세요 - 장은아 / Think of this street - Jang Eun Ah

18 그때 그사람 - 심수봉 / At that time - Shim Su Bong

This first track here has a rockier, and almost or already rather psychedelic rock approach (including wild wahwah effects, an accompanying organ, band improvisation with good drumming). The second one is exactly fit to that, and of course also Sand Pebbles fit to this well: they were creating a psychedelic sound as well (people could eventually compare it to San Ul Lim). The track after that is a slow rocker with rather predictable accompaniment. The track by Ham Jung A is much more commercialized stomping showbiz karaoke music and it is hard to believe Yankees had a few more interesting moments. We also know April & May from many great songs, but their contribution here sound a bit too much like a less vivid 80s sound version, and it almost makes it becomes forgettable. Also their second track is more 80s produced but here it remains like a very good song and has an ok arrangement for it, so that the song still convinces through it. The Ha Nam Suk song after that with two guitar sounds like or reveals this song like an old classic too, despite its busker like duo guitars. I prefer not to mention the other tracks. At times it even becomes mainstream near the end.

Conclusion: as a tribute to the songwriter of course such an effort always comes too late and after its energy is gone. one moments are certainly worth taking out, but not necessarily for its intend.

어니언스(Onions)의 노래 ‘작은새’의 작곡가로 명성을 날리기 시작한 김정호는 국악의 명인들이 많은 외가 쪽의 피를 받고 태어났다. 그는 중학교 때 삼촌으로부터 선물 받은 기타로 음악가의 기질을 발휘하기 시작했으며 고등학교 때에 밴드부에 가입해 악기를 다루었다. 졸업 후 미8군에서 기타를 치다가 후배 임창제가 결성한 그룹 어니언스의 앨범에 작곡자로 참여하게 되었으며 그룹의 인기와 더불어 그의 이름도 알려지게 되었다. < 쉘부르 > 등의 통기타 업소에서 노래를 시작한 그는 그룹 4월과 5월에서 잠깐 머물다가 1973년 자신의 자작곡인 ‘이름 모를 소녀’로 데뷔했다. 이후 ‘하얀 나비’로 정상에 오른 그는 ‘사랑의 진실’, ‘잊으리라’, ‘꽃잎’ 등의 히트곡을 쏟아 부으며 최고의 포크가수로 자리 매김 한다. 그는 < 꽃잎 >이란 카페를 운영하며 강은철, 김학래, 임하룡, 남궁옥분 등과 함께 무대에 섰으며 자주 국악 공연을 관람하며 소울풀한 음색에 토속적인 맛을 입혔다. 폐결핵 환자라는 소문이 돌던 시기에, 그는 1975년 마약 사범으로 잡혀 들어간다. 그는 이 대마초파동으로 구금되어 정신병원까지 가야 했으며 이후 두문불출하며 자신의 깊어지는 병마와 싸웠다. 심해지는 병은 그를 파산으로 몰고 갔으며 변변치 않던 작곡비로 연명하던 그는 단칸방을 전전해야 했다. 의사의 만류에도 불구하고 5개월이라는 시간 동안 끊어 녹음한 끝에 1983년 마지막 앨범을 낸 김정호는 병원의 환자에게서 영감을 얻은 ‘고독한 여자의 미소는 슬퍼’로 재기에 성공하지만 결국 병을 이기지 못하고 1985년 세상을 떠나고 말았다. 그는 임종 3개월 전, 딸에게 자신이 인기가수였음을 증명하기 위해 TV에 출연했고 이것이 마지막 그의 모습이 되었다. 그의 유작에선 또한 ‘하얀 나비’와 함께 그의 죽음을 예견한 곡으로 비유되곤 하는 ‘님’이 사후에 많은 인기를 얻었다. 그의 음악은 포크로 분류되지만 독특한 음색에서 품어져 나오는 혼의 목소리는 소울과 블루스의 어느 지점에서 머물고 있으며 마지막까지 꽹과리를 들고 우리의 소리에 심취한데서 알 수 있듯이 그의 또 다른 원천은 국악임을 알 수 있다. 그가 사망하자 인기 라디오 프로그램이었던 이종환의 < 밤의 디스크쇼 >에서는 추모 방송을 연일 내보냈고 1986년에는 홍민, 김수희, 김학래, 하남석, 윤시내, 김범룡, 이정선, 신형원, 윤승태, 한마음, 전영록, 김현식, 서수남, 하청일, 송창식, 이태원, 강은철 등 당대 최고의 가수들이 힘을 합친 트리뷰트 음반이 나왔다. 그리고 그의 생을 영화화한 < 님 >이 개봉되었다. 팬들의 사랑이 아직까지도 계속되고 있는 가운데 그는 1998년 조선일보가 선정한 < 건국 이후 가수 베스트 50 > 중에서 30위를 차지하는 위용을 과시했다.

"Kim Jung-ho is the composer of Onions' song “Small Bird” and was inspired by many foreign masters. He began developing his musician's temperament with a guitar he received from his uncle in middle school, and joined the band in high school. After graduating, he played guitar in the Eighth Army, where he became a composer on the album of the group Onions formed by junior Lim Chang-je. His name became known along with the popularity of the group. He began singing in a guitar store such as <Cherbourg>, where he stayed in the group in April and May for a short time and debuted in 1973 as his own song, "Unknown Girl."' Since then, he has become a top folk singer by pouring hit songs such as 'The Truth of Love', 'I Forget', and 'Petals'.

He also ran a café called "Petal" and was on stage with Kang Eun-cheol, Kim Hak-rae, Lim Ha-ryong and Nam Gung-ok-bun. He often watched Korean traditional performances and indigenous taste to the soulful tone. At a time of rumors that he was a pulmonary tuberculosis patient, he was taken into drug abuse in 1975. He was detained during the cannabis wave and had to go to a psychiatric hospital, after which he fought his deepening disease. The ailing disease drove him to bankruptcy, and he lived on a constant composition ratio. In spite of the doctor's urgency, Kim Jung-ho, who released the last album in 1983 after recording for five months, succeeded in recovering 'The smile of the lonely woman is sad', which was inspired by the patient in the hospital, but in 1985, he could not overcome the disease and left the world. Three months before his death, he appeared on TV to prove to his daughter that he was a popular singer, and this was his last appearance. In his later works, "Nim," which is often compared to "White Butterflies" in anticipation of his death, became popular after death. His music is categorized as a folk, but the voice of the soul, born in a distinctive tone, stays at some point in the soul and blues, and we can see that his other source is Korean music, as we can see from the end of the day.

After his death, Lee Jong-hwan, a popular radio program, sent me a memorial broadcast every day. In 1986 there were performances of Hong Min, Kim Soo-hee, Kim Hak-rae, Ha Nam-seok, Yoon Si-nae, Kim Bum-ryong, Lee Jung-sun, Shin Hyung-won, Yoon Seung-tae, Han-maeum, Jeon Young-rock, Kim Hyun-sik, and Seo Soo-nam.

This tribute album came out with the best singers of the time, including Ha Cheong-il, Song Chang-sik, Itaewon, and Kang Eun-chul. And <Nim> which made his life like a movie that was released. While the fans still loved him, he showed off the rank of 30th among the Chosun Ilbo's <50 Best Singers After Founding> in 1998."

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