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부활 / Born Again (Buhwal / Boohwal)

Seoul Rec. 부활 - 1집 희야 (재발매) / Rock Will Never Die

Resurrection- Vol. 1 Hee-ya (Re-release)

LP 2015년 07월 CD 2003년 02월

-mini-LP CD release-

1 희야 / White

2 비와 당신의 이야기 / Rain and your story

3 너 뿐이야 / Only you

4 길가의 연인들 / Roadside Lovers

5 인형의 부활 / Doll Resurrection

6 슬픈 환상 / Sad illusions

7 사랑 아닌 친구 / Lovers Not Friends

8 사랑의 흔적​ / Traces of love

I must say that I didn't expect much of this album, didn't regard high the hard rock of the 80s I heard so far coming from South Korea. I bought it rather cheaply. The album sleeve looked like a miniature LP with thick carton board. The band sleeve had a few notes in English, introduced the band as Born Again (instead of Boohwal which it is nowadays), and mentions Kim Tae Won as the lead guitarist.

The album hangs well together, shows a hard rock style with good guitar work, use of a high voice with more often emotional songs exactly like we more often know it from early metal rock music rather than hard rock (like early Judas Priest or so). There are very convincing electric guitar solos and arrangements. The basics are a simple hard rock style while the band's approach more gives the feeling of heavy metal. In a few songs the voice is heavier, grunching and bringing just louder songs. For hard roc/early metal lovers I am sure this will be liked very well.

"Formation and the 1980's

Kim Tae-won changed the name of the group from "The End" to "부활" ("Boohwal") in ‘86 following the departure of the vocalist Kim Jong Seo (김종서). They led the heavy metal boom in the 80’s along with other bands such as Baekdoosan (백두산), Sinawe (시나위), H2O, and Black Hole (블랙홀).[2] Boohwal, Baekdoosan, and Sinawe were called the ‘Big 3’ by the media as they were all led by talented guitarists (Boohwal – Kim Tae Won, Baekdoosan – Kim Do Kyun 김도균, Sinawe – Shin Dae Chul 신대철), had unique talented vocalists and all aimed to create heavy metal music.[3][4] However, unlike bands like Sinawe, they have been concentrating more on Korean-style melodic rock ballads, especially after their 3rd album.

After receiving high praises in the underground music scene for their music, they became instantly popular once they released their first major album. The album featured the most popular vocalist to come out of Boohwal, Lee Seung-Cheol (이승철). The title song, "희야" (Heeya) became an instant hit. Kim Tae Won produced bell ringing sounds with his guitar for that song and many aspiring guitarists tried to mimick it. The 2nd album, also with Lee Seung Chul, was also a big success. Their success was a result of many aspects, including Kim Tae Won's ability to write beautiful songs ranging from rock to ballad, Lee Seung Chul's ability to sing, and Boohwal's overall talent for music. However, Lee Seung Chul and Kim Tae Won went their separate ways in 1988. Kim Tae Won worked on many side projects until getting the band together for their 3rd album."

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