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book - "Made in Korea"

Rootledge Hyunjoon Shin & Seung-Ah Le: "Made in Korea" - studies in popular music- 2016

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"Made in Korea: Studies in Popular Music serves as a comprehensive and thorough introduction to the history, sociology, and musicology of contemporary Korean popular music. Each essay covers the major figures, styles, and social contexts of pop music in Korea, first presenting a general description of the history and background of popular music in Korea, followed by essays, written by leading scholars of Korean music, that are organized into thematic sections: History, Institution, Ideology; Genres and Styles; Artists; and Issues."


The Road to Popular Music: Regulation, Resistance, and Negotiations 1 HYUNJOON SHIN AND SEUNG-AH LEE Part I: Histories 11

1 The Stage Show and the Dance Floor: A History of “Live Music” in Korea 15 HYUNJOON SHIN

2 Assembling Pop Records in Twentieth-Century Korea: A Double is Twice as Good as a Single 2

3 KEEWOONG LEE 3 Broadcasting Media and Popular Music: Institution, Technologies, and Power 35 JUNG-YUP LEE

4 Emerging Social Distribution: The Case of K-pop Circulation in the Global Pop Market 47 SUN JUNG

Part II: Genres 59

5 Trot and Ballad: Popular Genres of Korean Pop 63 YU-JEONG CHANG

6 Korean Rock’s Journey from Group Sound to Indie Punk 71 PIL HO KIM

7 Modern Folksong and People’s Song (Minjung Kayo) 83 AEKYUNG PARK

8 Korean Black Music and its Culture: Soul, Funk, and Hip-Hop 95 JAEYOUNG YANG

Part III: Artists 107

9 Kim Hae-song, an Incomplete Dream of Korean Jazz 111 JUNHEE LEE

10 Shin Joong Hyun’s Rock Sonority and Korean Pentatonicism in “Miin” 123 DOHEE KWON

11 Kim Min-ki and the Making of a Legend 133 OKON HWANG

12 Seo Taiji Syndrome: Rise of Korean Youth and Cultural Transformation through Global Pop Music Styles in the Early 1990s 143 EUN-YOUNG JUNG

Part IV: Issues 155

13 Korean Pop Music and Korean Identities: A Political-Cultural History of Korean Pop Music and Its Use of Traditional Korean Musical Elements 157 HYUNSEOK KWON

14 Who’s Afraid of Korean Idols?: Five Keywords for Understanding Korean Idol Pop 169 DONG-YEUN LEE

15 Controlling or Supporting?: A History of Cultural Policies on Popular Music 181 SOOJIN KIM

16 The Voice of Popular Korea: Styles, Genres, and Contexts 191 HAEKYUNG UM

Coda 201

17 Asia and Beyond: The Circulation and Reception of Korean Popular Music outside of Korea 203 SUNHEE KOO AND SANG-YEON LOISE SUNG

Afterword—“We Tried to Catch up, Now We Should Evolve”:A Conversation with Shin Hae-chul 215 HYUNJOON SHIN AND CH’OE CHI-SŎN

Bibliography 227

About the Authors 235

Index 241

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