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사랑과 평화 - Love & Peace

사랑과 평화 - 1집 (한동안 뜸했었지/저바람) SRB-0009 1978.10.15

CD release date: Nov 23, 2011 Company: King Records

01 - 한동안 뜸 했었지 / Long time no see

02 - 노래여 퍼져라 / Songs be echoed

03 - 어머님의 자장가 / Mother's Lullaby

* 04 - 베에토벤의 운명 / Beethoven Symphony No,5 (Inst)

05 - 여왕벌의 행진 / The Flight of The Bumble Bee (inst)

06 - 저바람 / That Wind

07 - 발빛 / Moonlight

08 - 뭉게구름 / Thunderhead (Inst)

09 - 아베마리아 / Ave Maria (Inst)

Tracks with * I consider essential listens or classics, or tracks to check out for sure because for some reason they seem to stand out as unique moments, which makes them also very suitable for western radioshow airplay. Tracks that are only underlined can be considered fine tracks you might better check out as well, but I am not sure how essential they are.

Love & Peace are already a bit closer to the disco / funk / pop area, in a serious way:

Some musicians from the West who in the beginning became part of the disco / funk / soul-pop scene, were the same musicians who were the same people who used to playing bluesrock and perhaps even some progressive music forms. It was the different sound of the keyboards (with high pitch wahwah effects) and the different fuzz pedal that were used in this new period that in fact expanded from what was possible for improvisation in prog /psych /rock circles.

Love & Peace combines these improvisations with serious commitment and a light and happy touch. The drumming is light, with funky bass guitars and there are some texturing sympho-keyboards from the disco/pop area. The guitar improvisations, and sometimes the electric piano take the time to develop onto these new rhythms. Sometimes the electric guitar is even a bit Gilmourish, and occasionally there is an extension from bluesrock present with well-developed emotion in the playing.

There are also a few fun improvisations with classical music. We have a funky/disco version of Beethoven’s 9th. And there’s a sad keyboard arrangement of “Ave Maria” (Schubert) with that extra electric guitar (track 9). And then we also have a keyboard improvisation integration of something of the “Flight of the Humble Bee” (Rimsky-Korsakov) too (track 5).

All in all, the combination of seriousness, lightness, grooviness and improvisation works well. Instead of always remaining close to mainstream pop music there are "progressive ideas" as well. The classical improvisations especially prove a creative goal mixed with a commercial one. Not all of its developments are equally succesful.

Choi, I-Chul : Vocal & Electric Guitar, Mouth Tube, Rhythmn, Ross Super Gas, Solo Guitar & Other instruments; Kim, Myung-Gon : Vocals & Elka String, Mini Moog, Alto Sax, Solina String, Fender Keyboard, Music Man Bass ; Lee, Gun-Soo : Fender Keyboard, Yamaha Organ; Kim, Tae-Heung : Drums ; Sarvo : Music Man Bass

From :

(About the importance of) Love and Peace, 1978:

* "In 15 words or less: The pioneer of Korean funk.

* Maybe they should have been ranked because… Their experiments in funk and soul were innovative, and some of their songs like "It’s Been a While" are iconic.

* They were not ranked because… Fairly or not, right now their achievements are not valued as highly as other artists who were their contemporaries."

사랑과 평화 1집 <한동안 뜸 했었지> 한국 1세대 그룹사운드의 상징 ‘사랑과 평화 1집’이 처음으로 CD로 발매된다. 1975년의 대마초 파동은 실력 있는 기존 뮤지션들을 강제로 동면에 들게 하였다. 그 빈자리를 채운 것은 신선한 아마튜어리즘으로 무장한 대학생 밴드였다. 그 가운데 진정한 실험정신과 프로다운 실력의 진면목을 보인 슈퍼밴드가 나타났으니 그 들이 ‘사랑과 평화’다. 1978년 ‘사랑과 평화’는 훵키 디스코(Funky Disco)의 바람을 타고 가요계에 모습을 드러낸다. 사랑과 평화의 전신은 미8군 무대에서 활동하였던 ‘서울 나그네’라는 밴드였다. 1978년 당시 유명 DJ로 활동하던 이장희의 도움으로 팀 명을 바꾸면서 '한동안 뜸 했었지'가 수록된 ‘사랑과 평화 1집’을 발표 한다. 이들은 당시 세계적인 조류에 더불어 한국에서 급속히 유행하던, 그러나 직접 연주하는 국내 음악인은 거의 없었던 훵키(Funky) 연주에 매우 능했다. 미 8군 무대는 연주자의 실력에 따라 등급을 나눠 개런티와 무대도 차별화 하였는데, 미 8군 역사상 최고 등급인 Special AA를 받은 한국 밴드는 사랑과 평화밖에 없었다고 하니 이들의 연주 실력은 본토박이들에게도 통하는 수준이었다. 그들의 명성에 걸맞게 <한동안 뜸 했었지>가 실린 이 음반을 발표 할 당시는 ‘국내 최고의 연주그룹’이란 평이 지배적 이었다. 1집 음반 9곡의 수록 곡 중 4곡이 연주 곡인데 이는 곡이 부족했기 때문이 아니라 베토벤의 ‘운명’이나 슈베르트의 ‘아베마리아’처럼 클래식에 록을 접목하는 실험적 욕구 때문이었다. ‘달빛’은 최이철의 마우스 튜브 연주가 압권이다. 수록 곡 중 '한동안 뜸 했었지'가 공중파를 통해 널리 알려졌으며, 짙은 블루스 필의 '어머님의 자장가'는 음악마니아들을 통해서 큰 사랑을 받았다. ‘사랑과 평화 1집’은 당시 록 위주로 정립된 한국대중음악에서 흑인음악인 ‘훵키’와 ‘소울’을 최초로 구사했던 그 누구도 범접할 수 없는 가요사상 최상의 결과물 중 하나이며, 이 음반은 ‘한국대중음악 100대 명반’ 12위에도 선정되었다. 금번 발매 CD는 소장가를 위한 한정발매예정으로 오리지날 마스터 테잎을 소스로 하여 좋은 음질을 선사한다.

Translation :

"Love and Peace Vol. 1 <That's been awhile> The first generation of Korean group sound, 'Love and Peace Vol. 1', is released on CD for the first time. The cannabis wave of 1975 forced hibernating existing musicians to adapt. Filling the gap was a college student band armed with fresh amateurism. Among them, the super band showed true experimental spirit and pro-professional skills, and they are Love and Peace.

In 1978, Love and Peace appeared in the music scene, riding on the winds of Funky Disco. The predecessor of love and peace was a band called Seoul Navi that played on the stage of the Eighth Army. In 1978, with the help of Lee Jang-hee, a famous DJ at the time, he changed the team's name and released 'Love and Peace Vol. They were very good at playing Funk, which was rapidly popular in Korea along with the global tide at the time, but few domestic musicians played directly. The Eighth Army stage differentiated the guarantees and stages by dividing the grades according to the performers' performance.The Korean band who received Special AA, the highest grade in the Eighth Army history, was Love and Peace.

At the time of releasing this album, which was released for a while, according to their reputation, the reputation as 'the best performing group in Korea' was dominant. Only four of the nine tracks from the first album were played, not because of the songs, but because of the experimental desire to combine rock with classics, such as Beethoven's destiny and Schubert's Ave Maria. 'Moonlight' is the best part of Choi's mouse tube playing. Among the songs, 'It's been a while,' was widely known through the airwaves, and Dark Blues's 'Mother Lullabies' was greatly loved by music enthusiasts. 'Love and Peace Vol. 1' is one of the best outcomes of K-Pop music that no one who used black music 'Funk and 'Soul' for the first time in Korean pop music, which was established mainly on rock, but which could not be met. It was also selected as the 12th Best Album. This release is a limited release for the collectors, and the original master tape is a good source of sound quality."

2집 (뭐라고 딱 꼬집어 얘기할 수 없어요/축제/장미) SRB-0023 1979.09.09

CD 사랑과 평화 2집 예전미디어 | 2012년 01월 18일

CD release date: Feb 08, 2012 ; company: King Records

01 얘기할 수 없어요 / I can't talk

02 내 진정으로 / My truly

* 03 축제 / Festival

04 솔바람 / Breeze

05 피아노협주곡 제1번/베토벤: 엘리제를 위하여 /

Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No. 1 / Beethoven: For Elysee

06 장미 / Rose

07 그대만 보면 / You only look

08 비가 내리네 / It's Raining

09 소녀 / Girl

10 할미새​ / Wagtail

On the second album there was created a more consistent style which is a combination of funk, blues, jazz, rock and pop music, varying from just a few small hanging-ons towards a mellow song towards a more progressive rock approach with a talent to improvise, with funkier pop/rock tracks inbetween.

The album starts with what is basically a rock song but which gets funky keyboards, fitting with the disco/funk association up-tempo cymbal driven drums and further on some bluesy electric guitar solos. This is followed by a more mainstream sound or pop-related mellow hum-nana-and-sing along song.

The third track is an instrumental with two electric guitars and funky keyboards which sounds like a more progressive approach, especially for the stretched electric guitar solos, mixed with more sympho-keyboards.

The fourth track is a groovy, funky and melodic keyboard melody driven instrumental with funky bass, disco drums and electric piano and other keyboard solos. The fifth track refers to a classical melody again (like a few times on the first album). This time this sounds like a kitschy up tempo driven version of this known classical tune, played by keyboards, a jumping bass rhythm and funky guitar rhythm. It is symphonic instrumental pop driven and not really progressive in this case.

The 6th track is a disco-pop track with funky elements and with lead harmony vocals, including a few female backing singers, some keyboard and some electric guitar solos.

The 7th track is a pop/rock song with swollen harmony vocals mixed with keyboard harmonies. The eighth track is founded on a more instrumental improvisation, attention and progression, with a more progressive sound. Also here there are nice harmony vocals performed. The second part is much funkier with wild electric piano and keyboard stick led improvisations. A further part improvises with lead jazz guitar mixed some other fine arrangements.

Track 9 is a pop/rock song again, leaving the funky touch present in the keyboards and guitar. Also the last track is a rather progressive and cleverly played slightly funky jazzy / jazz-rock improvisation on keyboards, drums and electric guitars.

A rewarding album worth tracing.

사랑과 평화 2집 '뭐라고 딱 꼬집어 얘기할 수 없어요 / 장미' 한국 1세대 그룹사운드의 상징 '사랑과 평화 2집'이 처음으로 CD로 발매된다. 전작의 대대적인 성공에 이어서 나온 사랑과 평화의 두 번째 음반은 전작의 틀을 거의 그대로 다시 가져온다. 훵키하고 빠른 "얘기할 수 없어요"뒤에 바로 이어지는 블루스-가스펠풍의 "내 진정으로"는 전작의 "한동안 뜸했었지"-"노래여 퍼져라"의 구성을 그대로 따르고 있으며, "피아노 협주곡 제1번/엘리제를 위하여"는 "운명"과 "여왕벌의 행진"을 의식한 것이 분명해 보인다. 두 번째 음반은 데뷰작의 떠들썩한 분위기를 좀 더 정제되고 세련되게 풀어낸 동시에 전작의 날카로운 그루브를 온전히 옮겨왔다는 데에서 차이점을 찾을 수 있다. 더불어 연주곡이 무려 네 곡이나 포함되어 있다는 사실은 이들이 가진 '연주인으로서의 자신감'을 엿볼수 있게 하는 대목이다. 막간곡 같은 "축제"를 지나 등장하는 "솔바람"은 전작의 "뭉게구름"을 보다 상쾌하게 변형시킨 듯한 빼어난 곡이다. 그러나 이 음반에서 가장 눈에 띄는 곡은 "비가 내리네'로서 , 길고 끊임없는 즉흥연주와 간간이 섞이는 희미한 보컬, 싸이키델릭한 오르간의 연주는 재즈의 감성과 더불어 '프로그레시브'의 흔적마저 품고있는 이들의 야심작이라 할 수 있을 것이다. 이 음반은 실질적으로 사랑과 평화의 짧고 굵은 절정기를 대변하는 음반이다.


" Love and Peace Vol. 2 'What can't I just pinch / roses'

'Love and Peace Vol. 2', the symbol of Korea's first generation group sound, is released for the first time on CD. The second album of Love and Peace, following the previous success of the previous work, brings over the previous frame in an almost intact way. The Blues-Gospel-style of "My Truly" immediately following the hot and fast "I can't talk" follows the composition of "Let's go away for a while"-"Spread over", "Piano Concerto No. 1 / Elysee." It seems clear that "for the sake" was consciously taking a ride on "destiny" and "march of bee queen ." The second disc can be considered that it has refined the debut work's noisy atmosphere, while moving the sharp grooves of the previous work completely.

In addition, there's the fact that there are four songs included into one performance shows a glimpse of their 'confidence as a performer'. "Wind Breeze", which appears after the "Festival" like the interlude song, is a remarkable song that seems to be a more refreshing transformation of the previous "Cum Cloud". But the most prominent song in this album is "Raining," which contains a long, endless improvisation, a faint vocal, and a psychedelic organ that is both ambitious for those who have traces of the progressive as well as the jazz sensibilities. This is actually a record that represents the short and broad peak of love and peace."

사랑과 평화 - Disco DSAP-79002

“Love and Peace is one of the originators of Korean funk, funky disco and funk soul and the band was formed in 1975.”



Love & Peace are a bit a mixed bag of progressive rock with mainstream elements, pop and funk, not always as great as it could have been. The best moments are definitely worth hearing.

See also previous band Seoul Traveller.

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